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  • S: (n) ok , okay , okeh , okey an endorsement. (they gave us the O.K. to go ahead)


  • S: (r) all right , alright , okay in a satisfactory or adequate manner. (she'll do okay on her own | held up all right under pressure)

adjective satellite

  • S: (s) all right , cool , fine , hunky-dory , ok , okay being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition. (an all-right movie | the passengers were shaken up but are all right | is everything all right? | everything's fine | things are okay | dinner and the movies had been fine | another minute I'd have been fine)



  • all right; fine; ok; okay; hunky-dory; sim; satisfactory; ad okay; O.K.; all right; alright; O.K.; OK; okay; okey; okeh; countenance; endorsement; imprimatur; indorsement; sanction; warrant; approve; O.K.; okay; sanction; authorise; authorize; clear; pass; ant; disapprove;

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