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  • S: (n) recording label trade name of a company that produces musical recordings. (the artists and repertoire department of a recording label is responsible for finding new talent)


  • S: (v) mark , tag attach a tag or label to. (label these bottles)
  • S: (v) judge , pronounce pronounce judgment on. (They labeled him unfit to work here)


  • recording label; brand; brand name; description; mark; marker; marking; marque; radioisotope; trade name; a:19: tag; mark; pronounce; judge; adjudge; attach; declare; denominate; designate; differentiate; distinguish; hold; secern; secernate;i:14; separate;i:15; severalise;i:16; severalize;i:17; tell;i:18; tell apart; rel; mark down; mark up;

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