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  • a:34: gram; gramme; gm; guanine; G; deoxyguanosine monophosphate; thousand; one thousand; gee; g-force; gigabyte; GB; gravitational constant; universal gravitational constant;i:14; constant of gravitation;i:15; 1000;i:16; alphabetic character;i:17; chiliad;i:18; computer memory unit;i:19; constant;i:20; force unit;i:21; grand;i:22; K;i:23; large integer;i:24; letter;i:25; letter g;i:26; letter of the alphabet;i:27; M;i:28; metric weight unit;i:29; nucleotide;i:30; purine;i:31; thou;i:32; weight unit;i:33; yard;

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