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  • babbling; lallation; gibber; gibberish; a:49: blather; smatter; blether; blither; ripple; guggle; burble; bubble; gurgle; spill the beans; let the cat out of the bag; talk; tattle; blab;i:14; peach;i:15; sing;i:16; babble out;i:17; blab out;i:18; blabber;i:19; break;i:20; bring out;i:21; chatter;i:22; clack;i:23; disclose;i:24; discover;i:25; divulge;i:26; expose;i:27; gabble;i:28; gibber;i:29; give away;i:30; go;i:31; impart;i:32; let on;i:33; let out;i:34; maunder;i:35; mouth;i:36; palaver;i:37; piffle;i:38; prate;i:39; prattle;i:40; reveal;i:41; sound;i:42; speak;i:43; tittle-tattle;i:44; twaddle;i:45; unwrap;i:46; utter;i:47; verbalise;i:48; verbalize; ant; keep quiet;

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