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adjective satellite

  • S: (s) iii , three being one more than two.


  • iii; iii; three; three; sim; cardinal; cardinal; a:38: deuce-ace; deuce-ace; digit; digit; figure; figure; III; III; leash; leash; tercet; tercet; ternary; ternary;i:14; ternion;i:15; ternion;i:16; terzetto;i:17; terzetto;i:18; three;i:19; three;i:20; threesome;i:21; threesome;i:22; tierce;i:23; tierce;i:24; trey;i:25; trey;i:26; triad;i:27; triad;i:28; trine;i:29; trine;i:30; trinity;i:31; trinity;i:32; trio;i:33; trio;i:34; triplet;i:35; triplet;i:36; troika;i:37; troika;

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